Understanding & Inspiring Customer Loyalty

February 29, 2012 - Updated: March 1, 2012


Oxford Dictionary:  The definition of Loyalty........A strong feeling of support or allegiance


No matter the industry, the vertical, the size of the business or the nature of the service or product - the notion of loyalty drives brand.


And I understand loyalty.


  • I have worked for the same broker for the last 31 years  
  • I have driven the same brand of car for the last 20 years    
  • I have even been seeing the same doctor since I was 12 years old  


If I have had a good experience, I will stick with that brand or that service provider indefinitely. Some people drive a different car every time their lease comes due - not me.  For me, loyalty is a premium.


In my business, customer loyalty is a premium. Why would someone use one real estate agent the first time they sell their home and a different real estate agent the next time?  I'll tell you why....


It speaks to the notion of loyalty. I am very fortunate that during my 31 years in real estate, I have met several loyal people along the way who have supported my work.  They have had a positive experience working with me, and so they continue to use me again whenever the opportunity arises.  


I once met a seller who was selling her home privately.  She met a lot of people during her private sale, but it didn't work out and she was considering using the services of a real estate agent. She met me, liked me, and I remember boldly telling her that I was #1 in my office! She laughed and said every real estate agent she ever met said they were #1. Then she asked me if I was really #1 in my office and I reassured her that of course I was. 


Nobody has ever questioned me about my #1 status, but this person did!   She pushed a little further than most people would.   She called the manager of the real estate office where I worked and inquired about the #1 agent; thankfully, the manager told her that I was indeed #1. 


She called me back and we listed her property for sale.  


Since that first encounter, this person has used me several times. Some people live in a home for a very long time.  I certainly have but others, like this particular client, because of her circumstances, moved often.   She would call me when she was thinking about buying or selling, or she would refer me to friends or family if she heard that someone was looking for a good agent. What started out as a work relationship evolved into a special friendship.


I met another client several years ago that found me off of a flyer that I circulated in the neighborhood.  I know that in the past that she had used a different real estate agent.  We met, and she decided to list her home with me.  We sold that house, but she did not use me to buy the next house because she bought new. A few years passed and she called me again to list that home for sale.  I sold that home too and again she bought new!  Once again, after a  few years have passed,  she called me and we listed and sold that home. Guess what? She bought new again! I do appreciate her loyalty and treasure our relationship.


I have another client whom I met several years ago through a business group that I belong too. She since has become a dear friend of mine and our relationship, both personal and professional, has persisted through many transitions.  I was involved in the sale of her first home and in 5 other real estate transactions. She has also referred me to her friends which resulted in more sales. 


Loyalty, as you can see, means everything to me! I stand by my clients through thick and thin, and based on the feedback I have received, I know that I bring them peace of mind and support through what can be a very stressful process.


All of these clients expect the best service possible and I am determined to give them my absolute best!  Commitment breeds loyalty, and since I understand and appreciate loyalty, I know how to deliver quality service. If you are seeking loyalty, commitment and unparalleled customer service, think of me!


Steve Gerlock has been selling residential real estate for the past 30 years. On average he has sold one home per week for the past 30 years! He works with his wife Sheila and his full time associate Leslie Tokayer. Steve can be reached directly at 416.399.2734  He returns his phone calls and e mails promptly!


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