The Many Hats of a Real Estate Agent

April 4, 2012 - Updated: April 4, 2012

I’m a real estate agent.


But I’m also a social worker, a psychiatrist, a marriage counselor, sometimes babysitter, handyman and clairvoyant.


Jokes aside, I have to wear a lot of hats. 


And the different roles that I play in my job really reflect the complicated needs and interests of my clients. Sometimes people don’t anticipate the Pandora’s box that is opened when you make a decision to purchase or sell a home.


It’s a big undertaking, and if you consider the following unanticipated areas of responsibility, you will be better prepared for the process.


Relationships can be tested

I once met with a young couple.  At first, they were keen to purchase a larger home – they expected to start a family and needed more space.  Several weeks later, they called to alert me that they were ending their relationship and simply needed their home sold as quickly as possible.  


Sometimes, the desire to sell your home can underscore other interpersonal considerations that are worth exploring.  You can turn to your real estate agent as a marriage counselor, but more importantly, make sure you are moving for the right reasons!

Circumstances change

From the point that you decide to buy or sell your home to the point that the deal is complete, your circumstances can change dramatically.  People lose their jobs; expectant parents learn that they are having twins; you could even win the lottery!


I once had a house for sale and the father died unexpectedly.  The house had to be sold, but there were very delicate and fragile circumstances to consider and I had to be ultra sensitive to the needs of my client. I was torn between my role as a realtor and grief counselor.


The most tragic circumstances notwithstanding make that you embark on this journey with a sense of flexibility and open mindedness.

A Clean Sweep


Recently, I sold a house and upon closing, I received a call from the selling agent fairly late at night, complaining that my client had left behind all kinds of ‘junk’. Since the offer called for a "Broom Swept" clean home, I immediately contacted the Seller to discuss the situation.  She informed me that while she had done her best, she was exhausted and couldn’t clean anymore.


Needless to say, the deal had closed and the buyer was understandably irate. I knew my client was wrong.


I immediately swung into action. First thing in the morning, I arranged to have any debris removed. The buyer and the selling agent were very appreciative of my efforts to fix a situation that could have spiraled out of control to involve lawyers and conflict. 


I’ll spare you the stories about the countless homes that I’ve cleaned and scrubbed, the number of beds that i have made, and the thousands of times I’ve had to scramble ad hoc to deal with repairs and quick fixes. 


At the end of the day, I don’t mind wearing multiple hats if it provides my clients with exceptional value and customer service.


For more information about my wide variety of services and supports, or to schedule your appointment, contact

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