The Agony & The Ecstacy of Failing To Sell Your House

August 1, 2012 - Updated: August 1, 2012


My house was on the market for 5 weeks…and it didn’t sell.


To be fair, I wasn’t a particularly motivated seller, and we priced the house somewhat high on the spectrum of ‘value’.  Add to that the fact that we quite like our current house – it meets our needs; it’s very comfortable; it’s affordable.  So we entered into this process feeling open to a change, and curious about what the market might dictate, but not at all desperate.


Fast-forward five weeks, and I’m throwing in the towel.


I heard the standard mantra – “It takes time for a million dollar house to sell; you have to wait for new inventory…something you love will materialize; Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.”


The truth is, selling your house…and then failing to sell your house…is an emotional roller coaster.


Why doesn’t everyone love my house?


Most people have a certain level of emotional investment in their house. In my opinion, my house is pretty awesome! It flows nicely; it’s well upgraded; it has a beautiful backyard with easy access to the park; we live on a court.  I could go on and on.


But at the end of the day, if you want to sell your house, you have to disengage and remove that attachment. 


In my case, I’m pretty sure that I failed to do that.  The more I thought about how great my house was, the less I wanted to sell it!


Nothing measures up


On the flip side of the equation, I found it difficult to find an alternative home, within my price range that stacked up against the house that I currently have. 


The homes we saw were either too small, with too few bedrooms, not enough living space, a lousy backyard, etc., etc., etc.


Granted, there seems to be very little inventory on the market right now, but in truth, to purchase a new home, you have to have a certain measure of vision.  You have to be able to see past the bricks and mortar and the existing décor and imagine the home as yours.


I was never really able to do that with any of the homes that I saw.


Losing your steam


The hardest thing about selling your house and trying to find a new one to purchase is that it is absolutely exhausting.  Physically, emotionally, psychologically! 


After 5 weeks, I was depleted.  All of the coming and going in my own home, and across the city into other homes took a toll.  I needed a break.


So right now, my husband and I have taken our home off the market.  The timing isn’t right.  Our hearts are not in the right place.  The stars simply haven’t aligned properly.


Perhaps in due course we will have a change of heart. If we decide to list our house again, we would definitely seek a professional real estate representative who knows and respects the sensitive circumstances every homeowner encounters when they take that plunge.  We would want someone who knows that it takes more than a sign on the lawn to sell a house.  We need someone who will hold our hand, advise us and make us feel comfortable during this unnerving time.


Someone just like Steve Gerlock who could support you through these ups and downs – the agony and the ecstasy – so that you can emerge in tact, and happy, no matter where the journey takes you!


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