Is It Time To Downsize And Buy A Smaller Home?

May 22, 2013 - Updated: May 23, 2013

So the kids have moved out!   You look around and you realize that you only use the kitchen, master bedroom and the family room.   Do you really need all this space?  You haven’t been in the living room or dining room in months.  Can you remember the last time you watched TV in the basement.  Have you thought about what the house is worth?  


Would it be possible to sell the house and buy a smaller home or even a condominium and use the equity that you have built up over time to help fund the smaller home. 


Where do you start?  Maybe the first step is to have myself come in and evaluate the house to see what it may be worth in today’s marketplace. 


Have you spoken to your financial planner to see if it is even possible to consider this. If you do have your own financial planner call him and ask.  Alternatively we do have several financial planners that we could recommend to see if this scenario is possible?


There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to sell!  This maybe something that you may have thought about and it may be worth exploring!


For a free no obligation evaluation of your home call me at 416-399-2734!


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