A really sexy business!

January 27, 2012 - Updated: January 27, 2012



I was at an annual function for my real estate company up north at the owner's cottage.  There were several new real estate agents chatting in a group.  I wandered over and asked a few why they got into the business.  I heard various stories but one stuck in my mind.   One of the newer agents responded, "you guys make a lot of money and drive fancy cars!"  Mmmm, I thought, and, by the way, she also said ' I think its a very sexy business.'   A sexy business!   Wow I never heard it called a sexy business before! 


A month or two went by and I listed a property north of the GTA.  A Lawyer and an executor were charged with the responsibility of settling the estate and hired myself and Royal Lepage Partners to sell the house.  The water had been shut off and the washer and dryer had been removed from the house. 


I called the executor and suggested that the water be turned back on so buyers could flush the toilets and check the water pressure. She asked if I would mind  turning on the water for her so I  went downstairs and turned on the main water valve for the house.  I heard a noise and ran upstairs and whoever had removed the washer and dryer did not shut off the water when they disconnected the washer & dryer. Water was gushing everywhere.  I ran downstairs and shut off the main valve!  I ran upstairs and water was everywhere!  No one was living in the house but there were still towels and dish rags left.  


I had an appointment within the hour and I did not want to have wet socks when I put on my shoes so I removed my shoes and socks. I cleaned up everything and put my socks back on but apparently I had missed a puddle and walked in it.  Now my socks were soaking wet and I had approximately a half hour to get to my next appointment!  


I had a great idea!  I took off my wet socks, rung them out,  put on my shoes without socks and went to my car and opened my sunroof,  laid my socks on the roof,  closed the sunroof on part of my socks so they would dry in the sun and wind and figured if i drove the 15 minutes to my next appointment they would be dry by the time I got there. 


I drove by truckers and plenty of people in SUV's on Yonge Street on my way to my next appointment and they all looked down when we stopped at the lights and pointed and laughed!


There definitely is nothing sexy about my socks hanging from my sunroof  being laughed at by people driving on Yonge Street.  I did make it to my next appointment on time with dry socks!



By the way, we did sell the house!  



Such a sexy business!



                                                                                        Remember Steve Gerlock  'A HouseSold Name'


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